Star Trek: Solanogen

Star Trek: Solanogen is an adventure game based on the episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation "Schisms" from season 6. However, it borrows information from all of the series.

This game is created with Adventure Maker software. The game uses scenes from various star trek games already released and internet sources.


3/24/10 -
Sorry for the lack of updates. I will be honest, work has basically halted for now. However, I am still working on the game in my mind and I will continue physical work on it soon. I have to purchase the full version of Adventure Maker and then work can proceed. Also, I have updated the forum to a more usable version. Which can be found here or by going to the community page. The other forum I had didn't work at all. This one is hosted offsite and will be secure while also allowing actual use, :)
I am still looking for any and all help with game story and design. Do you like to draw or are you good with 3D or even some 2D modeling? Consider joining me or even just making one or two scenes. Do you like to think up good storylines for trek (and are willing to work within the current plot), let me know. Have any other good ideas? CONTACT ME. By email or drop by the forum.
Finally, I wanted to give you guys something in the meanwhile. Our new logo is this

It could use some work, right? Well, give it a go. If you come up with something and I like it, it will be used on the forum and the in-game title screen in the future. Rules: One version has to be 225x85 and another version should be 320x295. And that is it.
Hope everyone stays with me and keeps checking for updates. Thanks.

10/19/09 -
Here is a video of gameplay. Note that is this a very early version of the game. This video is basically just for those that don't want to or can't download the demo. It has nothing new that isn't in the demo.

10/12/09 -
The about section has been updated, and it includes the basic storyline. Also, we may be adding a team member to help with the story. Keep checking back.

7/31/09 -
Site is up. Any future news will be posted here.

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